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With our new Dangerously Fit kettlebell, we have brought all of the best features from previous models to create a completely improved and innovative product. We use gravity casting molds that are carefully crafted by some incredibly talented individuals in order to produce true single-piece designs.

We have completely transformed our kettlebell design because we always believe there is room to improve. Our new cast iron bells are a true single piece with the gravity-cast mold making them even more durable than before!

And just like Bulgarian bag training, kettlebels are an excellent functional strength training tool.

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Now with our new Dangerously Fit cast iron kettlebells, we have completely revolutionized the design of the most popular kettlebell in our functional fitness range. Why would we do this if it was so good? Because there is always room to innovate and improve on things! We create a true single piece design using an innovative gravity mold casting process.

Dangerously Fit Kettlebells are made from a single-piece casting of 99.9% pure iron ore to ensure their strength that you will ever need them for. These kettlebells have been tested in the field by athletes, and even after repeated drops on concrete they still show no sign of wear or damage due to being forged from first run iron ore rather than scrap material like other similar looking brands might be produced with making it worth every penny spent on these premium bells!

Our Cast Iron Powder Coated Kettlebells have recessed logos that are more comfortable for lifting. Our competitor’s kettlebells with protruding or stamped logos may cause discomfort during use when the logo makes contact with your hands, wrist and forearm. Check out:

When a kettlebell is being created, it goes through several different processes. The first one involves creating the mold in which to pour liquid metal into for an even shape and design. Upon coming out of this process, however, there are still rough edges that can scratch your hands if not polished off before the next step – filling any empty spaces with putty and painting over everything so that all you see on display from then onward is smooth paint job after smooth paint job without flaws or blemishes appearing anywhere across its surface.. This lowers cost because companies only have to do minimal work rather than having to fix imperfections each time they appear due to poor polishing (a lower rejection rate).

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