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Helping Your Clients Train Smarter

If you’re looking for personal trainer courses in Madrid you should know that like in the normal business world, it’s about productivity and not how hard you work! If you don’t get results or don’t get things done on time then something’s wrong with your process. Similarly, in the fitness world, as a trainer, the focus should be not on making clients exercise harder but rather on making clients exercise smarter. You have to accordingly plan the work outs and ensure that your methods help clients achieve long term fitness results.

Make Exercising Fun

Most clients tend to slack off because they see exercising as a boring activity. This is where the planning and strategy of the fitness instructor will help most. For every type of exercise you teach or ask the client to perform, try to make it fun. Crack jokes, include games, make it competitive if you teach people in groups and so on. There are many creative ways in which you can make exercising as fun as possible.

Know when to Stop

A lot of fitness instructors, even those with personal trainer certifications don’t know when to stop. It is not about pushing the client to exercise till breaking point. Keep in mind; your clients are not professional weight lifters or athletes. It is important to know when to stop or take a break.

Smart training is about teaching an executing a few good repetitions and exercises within a particular time frame but not necessarily pushing the client beyond breaking point. It won’t help the client if he starts suffering from sprains and pains because of the exercises.

Know when to Switch Routines

Some trainers, even those with adequate PT Certifications don’t pay enough attention. They tend to stick to the same routine irrespective of whether the client is being able to cope with it or not.

In order to ensure the clients are being taught to exercise smartly, it is important to pay attention to how they are performing. If they are not being able to perform certain routines well, it is time to switch routines and teach them something they are able to perform well.

Overall Teaching

Do not just stick to teaching exercises, as a trainer your responsibilities include much more. You should also give diet tips and advice and recovery tactics. You have to teach the clients how to hydrate after a workout session and how to warm up and cool off before and after one too. This overall advice will help them stay healthy and fit for longer periods of time.

Mixed Routines

Every exercise is beneficial for certain kinds of muscles and joints. You cannot let your clients stick to just one exercise. It is always more effective to mix routines. Always try and have a healthy combination of weights, cardio, free style exercises and so on. These mixed routines will help train different parts of the body effectively and help the clients to achieve their fitness goals faster and for longer periods of time. Most instructors with fitness instructor certifications use this strategy.

How to Stay Active Throughout the Day?

Like it or not, most of us have to spend a significant part of our day in the sedentary state. Most modern jobs do not require you to move around a lot and even housework is no longer so strenuous; thanks to modern gadgets. However, while life has certainly become easier, a sedentary lifestyle also results in a lot of ailments such as obesity, hypertension, low-back pain, posture issues and so on.

Even your daily hour-long workout schedule with personal trainers Gold Coast offers too little scope for movement as compared to the time you are sitting around at office or at home. Even then, you can certainly increase your activity levels throughout the day by following a few simple tips.

Start your Day with a Workout Schedule

Beginning your day with a brisk workout schedule is a wonderful way of staying energized throughout the day. This is important as the lazier you feel, the more likely you are to stay confined to your office chair or in front of the TV for hours.

Starting the day with workouts gets your adrenalin pumping which makes it easier for you to say active and on your toes. Even if you cannot exercise under personal trainers Gold Coast every morning, do make time for a session of jogging or running or simple free-hand workout that can be done without any gadgets or expert supervision.

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Spend more time on Housework

Household chores offer one of the best and most effective opportunities of staying active throughout the day. While you may not enjoy your chores, but doing them certainly helps you stay active.

Washing the dishes, dusting around the home, cleaning the car, mowing the lawn and so on are all strenuous activities that help you to move your muscles and keep them in shape. You also burn significant amount of calories while doing such activities which means you such activities help you to stay in shape too.

Move around at Office

Even if you are in a desk-bound job that requires you to stay confined to a chair throughout the day, this does not mean you cannot stay active at office. You just need the motivation to look for opportunities for activity even amidst your sedentary job.

Do not depend on colleagues to circulate documents or fetch anything you need…do it yourself. Simple activities like moving around the office for papers or fetching a cup of coffee or a walk to the Xerox machine and so on are all effective in helping you to stay active even at a sedentary job.

Ditch the Elevator and Car

Don’t rush for the elevator every time you have to reach higher floors in a building. Whether it’s your office or residence or any place you are visiting, try to take the stairs as much as possible. All the personal trainers Gold Coast will tell you that climbing stairs is one of the best ways of including some exercise without actually doing so. It is a strenuous activity that puts stress on the muscles of your legs and also helps increase your cardiac rate.

Similarly, ditch you vehicle for short distances that can be easily covered on foot. If possible, park your vehicle a few blocks away from your office and walk the distance. Take a short walk after lunch at office or you can even walk to your lunch-place if you don’t bring food from home.