Boot Camp Zastron

Is Your Zastron Boot Camp doing any of These Things? Time to change Your Zastron Group Personal Training Program!

If you are using the services of a Zastron boot camp for your fitness training you need to make sure the Zastron fitness trainer has the right background, qualifications and motives. There are dozens of trainers advertising their services but not all of them fit the bill. Perhaps you yourself have experienced some uncomfortable moments while training. If your Zastron bootcamp instructor is guilty of any of the issues mentioned below, maybe it is time to look for a more suitable trainer.

False hopes

Every Zastron boot camp trainer knows that the main goal of the client is to lose weight with a target goal. In an effort to sell his or her services the trainer could give false hopes to clients, promising to help them to reach their goal in a short period of time. This can never be the case as final fitness results will always depend on each person’s state of health, capabilities and personal body response.

Individual Zastron workouts

A qualified Zastron boot camp instructor will first take into account all required details of a new trainee. The age, state of health, workout capabilities etc. and then draw up a personalised training programme. If your Zastron trainer has not drawn up such a programme and is putting you through a general set of exercises which could lead to strain or injury you need to think of getting a new trainer.

Negative motivation

During training you might go through moments of difficulty when doing the exercises. A good Zastron bootcamp will do his or her utmost to motivate and encourage you during such moments. Instead, if the trainer is harsh and uses only adverse criticism – instead of making headway you would probably take two steps backwards negating any progress.

Close supervision

It is the Zastron trainer’s job to keep you on track during each workout. This can only be done with close supervision. Each movement has to be monitored to ensure the exercise is being performed correctly. If the Zastron fitness trainer has other things on his or her mind and just lets you proceed without checking or making adjustments you could end up not really benefitting from the movements. It is the trainer’s responsibility also to first ensure you do warm-up exercises before starting the Zastron workout.

Limited training styles

Maybe because of their lack of interest or experience some Zastron personal trainers concentrate on, or prefer to promote limited training styles. This is a short-sighted approach as each individual has different requirements. To improve general health you require different exercises so that your physical abilities are challenged. This requires the trainer to select the right Zastron workouts for you from the wide range of styles available such as mass building, toning, pilates, agility, plyometrics, HIIT, yoga etc.

Use of supplements

If boot camp Zastron is advising you to go in for supplements to improve your training results, it is time to send him packing. A good Zastron trainer knows that supplements are not required to achieve fitness gains. Also, the Zastron fitness expert does not have a medical background so should not suggest any type of prescription supplements. More often than not such suggestions are made by trainers because by promoting specific supplements, they can earn commissions.